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Our boxes come filled with up to 10 unique, healthy, kosher-cerified snacks from new emerging brands. We've got healthy snacks, innovative superfoods & it all tastes AMAZING! Your mind, body, and everyone around you will thank you. 

Stories from happy munchers

I loved it! So nice to try a different variety of snacks that I probably would never have bought! My dad is diabetic so I appreciated that there was some snacks that he could eat too! And the birthday cake cookie was so so good!! I’m so excited for next months box!! I also love that everything is kosher!!


The concept of the box monthly is an exciting activity to share in with my kids. The kids were wanting to try literally everything at once. These items and concept are perfect for someone like me - understands the value of eating healthy and enjoys trying new things. This makes it super easy, I get to explore things I may have never bought.


I originally signed up for APmunch for my five year old daughter. The healthiest snack she doesnt refuse is apple sauce. Now she is drinking black water, tasting flavors that she had prior refused and really expanding healthy snack preferences. We love the box it comes in and the amazing customer service it comes with! I will often sneak something out of there before she sees it, so I don't have to share! Don't worry - I share with her AFTER I put in my marketplace order! 


APmunch snacks are always on point! They taste incredible, help me meet my daily protein requirements as-well as help keep my hunger away in between meals! I would definitely reccomend this for anyone who wants to try new high quality snacks 💪🏿 


Love APmunch! I am a monthly subscriber and have received two boxes so far; both arrived in a timely fashion, we’re simply and nicely packaged and filled with a great variety of exciting tasty products. But that’s not all, I also received an email letting me know when it was on its way, and a second email letting me know it had arrived (which allowed me to ran home and get it before my husband began munching without me!). All these things are special but the cherry on the top was their enclosure. It was a fabulous surprise that made me smile while I munched. My only complaint, is that I only get it once a month! 


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